Crystallized Christmas tree at MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store by we+, Tokyo – Japan

January 2nd, 2018 by retail design blog

Contemporary design studio we+ designed a crystallized Christmas tree in MIKIMOTO Ginza Main Store. For 40 years, the Mikimoto Christmas tree had been a symbolic icon of the holiday season in Tokyo. Although this beloved tradition ended in 2014 due to reconstruction of the Mikimoto building, the tree was reborn as “Mikimoto Ginza Tree” accompanying the new opening MIKIMOTO Ginza main store.

The 6-meter-tall Christmas tree was installed between two 2.5-meter-tall trees and all surfaces are covered by urea crystals. In order to achieve this snow-like fine surface, saturated solutions of urea was impregnated in the special paper pasted on clear acrylic and vaporized the moisture to crystallize. These crystals grow and the appearance is gradually changed through the period of the display. The slowly shifting lights set in the trees shine the one-of-a-kind sight created in the phenomenon of nature.

Design: Hokuto Ando & Toshiya Hayashi / we+

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