Mazendo restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Neihu District / Taipei – Taiwan

January 2nd, 2018 by retail design blog

A restaurant which serves Taiwanese beef noodles soup as the representative dish for Taiwanese cuisine. Taiwan’s oriental savor, it adopts the renowned poet, Li Bai’s “Raising glass in questioning the Moon” by combining faint poetic vibe with the unconstrained melancholy of Jazz music in a congenial and craving manner. Taiwanese cuisine is given modernized twist in becoming the new international brand for Beef Noodle Soup.

The circle, a representative shape in Chinese culture, is implemented as the façade design. It is symmetrical and neutral; round and borderless; it represents the heavens and holiness. The style is expressed through modern black iron material, intended to portray a natural and outspoken feeling, as if visiting a next door neighbor. Walking through the door and dining on the noodles, customers are offered a change of atmosphere for the mind, both simple and elegant.

All mundane issues are forgotten in the moment and the only thought left in mind is the enticing aroma of the noodles. The whole space of the restaurant is integrated with “ruby copper”. The heavy application of ruby copper sheets in the reception area mirror the reflection and the concrete wall on the left side of the entrance is embedded with ruby copper strips. The beauty of ruby copper reflects the heated spice, the crimson passion of the beef noodle soup, and arousing appetite.

The different styles presented by the ruby copper will generate various time-passing beauties as time goes by and as the air begins to oxidize. Traditional Chinese elements are implemented into the design and the lines are simplified but its concept maintained. It focuses on the maximizing of natural material usage to add value in the passion and satisfied expression of customers each time they visit; making each feast a new and enticing experience.

Design: Lee’sDesign INC.
Photography: KU Photography studio

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