La Baignoire Stand Alone Bath by Charles Wan / Alvarae Design Studio

January 3rd, 2018 by retail design blog

Conventional thinking would suggest that Carbon Fibre lacks the flexibility of more traditional materials such as; wood, leather or fabric. That it is masculine in its appearance and can be considered cost prohibitive. However, at Alvarae Design Studio we believe in a brave new world where we have a fundamental right to continuously challenge conventional thinking. We believe that by using the structural strength and flexibility of Carbon Fibre mixed with these more traditional materials such as wood, leather and glass we can create the very best in custom designed contemporary luxury furniture.

We further believe that by challenging convention we have perfected the industrial materials meets the contemporary design aesthetic that is very much part of today’s twenty first century living. Each distinctive piece we create, is manufactured in our own factory and has been created to a specific individual need or style to form the perfect synergy between art & engineering. That is further defined by the excitement it creates and for its undeniable visual appeal.

Amongst the unique pieces created in the Alvarae studio, is the La Baignoire Stand Alone Bath. In a world of traditional white bathrooms, the luxurious ‘La Baignoire’ stand-alone bath has the flexibility to be positioned anywhere in the room. Created for a boutique hotel the strong sweeping lines and sculptural shape of the bath offers an air of sophistication and style that fits in the most modern, or traditional interiors.

Constructed using a matrix of composite materials it combines the very latest in design and technology. The stand-alone bath breaks all the rules, weighting less than 15kg it as stiffness stronger than steel. The bath exterior walls are available in either a matt or polished finish. Elevated above ground and supported by a bridge base structure made of composite materials coated with Nano Technology.

Which can be colour coordinated to match either the bath or bathroom surroundings. The silhouette of the bath is picked out using concealed soft LED lighting. This clever use of technology enables the interior colour choice of the bath to change to what is most relaxing for you or to reflect your mood. Colours include; Red, Blue, Green Pink, or sleek Black. The La Baignoire as been designed to create both a relaxing experience and a spectacular and focal point in any luxury bathroom.

Design: Charles Wan / Alvarae Design Studio
Photography: In house

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