Joyful Harvest restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Songshan District / Taipei – Taiwan

January 5th, 2018 by retail design blog

After popping sounds ringing from the alleys of my childhood, my grandma would bring a hot wrapped package of fresh made crispy popped rice treats. She would eagerly open the package and pamper the young me. Our childhood memory is so vivid but we seem to have forgotten the simple yet wonderful taste due to our busy and hectic life.

The street side buzzing businesses were replaced by a dedicated space which combines shopping, food samples and leisure. Large-scale dining tables are set up with a variety of accessory chairs. Visitors can enjoy meals here and purchase food for family back home.

The warm and round space made of wooden material, the natural formation of the concrete wall and green atmosphere, simple and frank white space and the natural expression generated by the changes of climate and time on the rugged natural concrete wall; the crisscrossed variety of materials presents compelling experiences.

The VIP area in the rear adopts the Japanese joggle joint concept to create semi-independent box, and it can be a dedicated closed space of an open space. Another elegant shopping area will be created with the graining left when removing the bricks.

The changes of sunlight in the morning and in the afternoon generate different textures and light shadows in the white and quiet shop. It creates a natural and cozy feeling atmosphere to the whole space, and brings extraordinary feelings to customers each time when they walk in to the shop.

Design: Lee’sDesign INC.
Photography: KU Photography studio

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One thought on “Joyful Harvest restaurant by Lee’sDesign INC., Songshan District / Taipei – Taiwan

  1. mansi desai says:


    i like this blog and images which you have posted here i like this idea i want to apply this idea for my own restaurant cause this very easy to make it , why we should have hire some interior designer for this thing ,

    so i love this thing ever ,


    mansi desai

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