Wagyu Bar by Emocon Design, Da’an District / Taipei City – Taiwan

January 11th, 2018 by retail design blog

Wagyu Bar is a 168 square meter restaurant located in the center of Taipei, Da-an District. In addition, it is a brand extension of Yakiniku restaurant. The owner is attempted to offer same quality but lower cost service for younger client. He is aim to share the happiness while you are enjoying the Wagyu.

In order to differentiate it from the previous “Yakiniku Restaurant” and to catch younger audience’s attention, the designer takes 5 agenda “amazing, active, shining, urban and fashionable” as the main concept to direct the design orientation. Looking from outside, using marble-like grey tiles and silver mesh as its material.

This gave to the façade a different appearance in the day and night scenery. While you walk into the front door, you will be guide through the main dining area to your cozy seat. The designer used mustard yellow and coral dark green leather to enhance the fashion and vivid atmosphere. You can indulge in the space while you are having your premium meal.

Due to the insufficient height of the ceiling, in order to reduce the cramped interior, reflective materials and mirror panels cover part of the space. You can feel the abundance of the space in such a small structure. U-Shape bar counter also becomes the symbol in the interior. To satisfy the younger client, the chef offer unpasteurized beer all day.

On the other hand, Wagyu bar also provides a private room. This is a cozy and inviting room for the gourmet connoisseur, furthermore, karaoke equipment is also available here. Within the elegant and vivid space, you can experience a pleasant and soothing dining that you have never had.

Design: Emocon Design
Photography: Jheng Ding

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