Nice film technology office by Hejidesign, Shenzhen – China

January 18th, 2018 by retail design blog

Two reversed geometric shapes stick together, this is the logo of Nice Film Group meaning the combination of East and West culture. The coincided part becomes a triangle representing the key play icon of videos. Press the play button and walk into the imaginary world, space is transferred and time is still ticking.

“Multidimensional space tunnel” is the theme to express multicultural and wonderful future of the company picture.
This is the office interior re-designed by Hejidesign, the areas as: reception, waiting area, pantry, brainstorming room, media room and office furniture chosen.

The stylish interior is decorated with massive landing mirrors and built-in parallel LED, this area is meant to create the future sense of Dan Flavin’s black and white space, (Dan Flavin: an American minimalist artist being famous in light display.) Office health is about not only desks but a positive daily working mode and mixed lifestyle with real workspace.

Our design is to provide a proper space for staffs with meaningful experience during their work. From the left side of reception, an open lounge area is provided with seats and bar where the staffs could interact with others while taking their break. There is also a brainstorm room next to the lounge, a place to have brief reunion.

In the center of open space, an independent room of clear glass seems like future laboratory in Hollywood movies. With light around the glass cube, and curved shape furniture inside, creating an isolated space that people could focus on the project. As a film and video company, a media room for playing its work is indispensable.

A place for sharing and discussing, comfortable backrest floor cushions are freely to move, the audience could choose any position they like to enjoy the show. Color tone in the office area follows company logo: black, white, red and gray. All the white desks with dark red partition, black seats, black drawer units, gray with red lounge sofa.

Design: Hejidesign
Photography: Tony Chen

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