Tracta Extreme Masks packaging by Tamiris Lima

January 18th, 2018 by retail design blog

Farmaervas is a pioneer in the development of natural products, present in the market since 1940. It began its activities with the planning and manipulation of herbs, elaborating products for natural medicine, phytotherapy and phytocosmetics. Reference in the market or Jaborandi shampoo for hair strengthening.

It owns the Tracta brand, a reference in the cosmetics market with a line of makeup and dermocosmetic facial treatment. The initial challenge of the project was to create a product that stood out visually at the points of sale, but at the same time did not mischaracterise the brand, known for the quality of products and the best cost-benefit.

Since Tracta had already conquered the female audience with the quality of its Matte Base and Liquid Lipstick and conquered much of the market with the Mascara of Eyelashes of the line Glamor, the Extreme Line comes to reinforce and to emphasise the products of the segment, and is already sales success since its launch in late 2017.

Design: Tamiris Lima

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