Villa Soro Hotel by Espacio en Blanco Estudio, San Sebastán – Spain

January 18th, 2018 by retail design blog

The Hotel Villa Soro is one of the recent projects of ESPACIO EN BLANCO, the interior studio led by Bárbara Aurell. We could define this project as the perfect combination of a Centennial space and a luxury hotel surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Barbara Aurell’s intervention consisted in the rehabilitation of the common areas of the hotel, the lounge, the bistro and reading room – the three in one – enhancing its value and at the same time maintaining the spirit of the villa. “For me it has meant going back to my roots: we had to maintain the essence and soul of a house with a lot of history,” says Barbara Aurell.

The three zones are now comfortable and practical stays. A multi-purpose space where you can have breakfast in the morning, work during the day, have a tea in the afternoon and a drink in the evening in a relaxed atmosphere. A home, after all.

Design: Espacio en Blanco Estudio
Photography: Nina Antón

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