Makro Riversands store by TDC&Co, Johannesburg – South Africa

January 20th, 2018 by retail design blog

TDC&Co was approached by Makro SA do develop an interior design concept for the new store in Riversands, Gauteng. Being known as a wholesaler in hardlines, softlines and consumable goods, their aim was to attract retail customers to experience the warehouse space in a more inviting and intimate way.

Departments such as Apparel, Homeware, Fresh and Wine were given careful attention during the design process, creating display and shopping experiences that showcase the product at a humans scale. Materials also has to be carefully chosen to survive the robust nature of the store.

A comination of Birch plywood and expanded steel mesh was used. Design elements from the corporate identity, like the bold colours and angled lines, were incorporated as key features in the fixture set to carry the brand personality through the design.

Design: TDC&Co
Photography: Graeme Wyllie

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  1. Abbas. Khan says:

    Very impressive, Do you do Hypermarket design as well?.

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