Denk Fabrik 2 by Gruppo Decorativo, Karlsruhe – Germany

January 26th, 2018 by retail design blog

Gruppo Decorativo architectural office designed the Denk Fabrik all-day restaurant in the German city of Karlsruhe combining robust and earthy materials with bright shades and retro details. The second bar-restaurant of the Denk Fabrik chain, in Karlsruhe, was once again designed by the Gruppo Decorativo architectural studio, with different decorative and structural elements.

“This time, the challenge was to come up with a proposal that would suit a wide range of ages and requirementsas this all-day restaurant is in a multi-member sports club. The design was restructured, “upgraded” compared to the first Denk Fabrik as the available square metres were in this case more “, comments interior designer Dimitris Hadjichristos.

The development of the site took place in a single area which is decoratively separated in order to produce an interestin visual and functional alternation without strict limits and exclusion of those present. Thus, with the different styles of furniture and lighting, a living room is created for food, another for younger clients who prefer to stand and one that looks like a bistro where one can have coffee and cakes.

Dominant element in the overall composition is the large bar where they are permanently added, fixed stools and specific structures of metal and wood that take different forms throughout the whole area. In the search for appropriate lighting, particular attention was paid to the observation of the interesting element of alternation.

The luminaires chosen as well as their fittings ensure different illumination during the day and night. Its indirect brightness in the room is also provided by the bright yellow colo in chairs and lamps Denk fabric means “think tank”. An appropriate choice for naming a place where food and drink – key inspirational factors – co-exist in a warm and pleasant atmosphere – ideal for the mind away from unnecessary things and concentrating on the essential.

Design: Gruppo Decorativo
Photography: Dimitrios Chatzichristos

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