Blast Taipei by Howard Yu, William Sun / Studio In2, Taipei City – Taiwan

February 1st, 2018 by retail design blog

The instant that a ping pong ball falls into a cup is the most anticipated moment of a Beer Pong game. The ripples that form inside the cup serve as the inspiration for this design. The concept for the overall space uses concentric circles to spread gradually outwards from the center, creating free and unrestrained lines of movement. Areas that are closer to the center are focal points of activities. This design concept improves people’s sense of participation, and creates a space with an active, group-oriented, and lively bar atmosphere.

Ring-shaped lines of motion and the tiered floor design allow people to enter and leave freely the game, observe, sit on chairs to cheer on players, or to participate in the game from a central space. The primary design objective for this project is different from that of previous bars, wherein the bar was viewed as the core of the overall space. Here, the focal point of the overall space is the game area. The DJ platform is placed on the central axis of the space, from which the DJ can observe and care for the entire audience. The platform is placed at a height from which the DJ can participate, integrate, and revel with the audience.

After bouncing and entering the cup, the ping pong ball splashes and, finally, settles. The process of this game inspires a dynamic, active concept. By abstracting the processes of this game, the formation of the space becomes a performance in itself. Arc-shaped lights lead the rhythm of the game, surrounding people with an exciting atmosphere; at the same time, the styling of arcs and lines of movement maintains a sense of unrestrained freedom, making people feel as though they are in an adult paradise. In the rear of the space, behind the DJ platform, a smooth cement pillar resembles a trophy with a modern linear design.

Similar to a ping pong ball falling into a cup, it also serves as a symbol of victory. The crystal ball chandeliers in the nightscape viewing area elicit the image of splashing water after a ping pong ball falls into a cup. The image of water falling to the ground, elicited by the chandeliers, is completed using round lights on the floor that flash in sync with music. Using traditional design elements and modern styling, this design creates a spatial experience with a mobile, an ordered, and a continuous integrated concept.

Design: Howard Yu, William Sun / Studio In2
Photography: Jackal Liu

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