Ibis Styles Grudziądz Hotel by Tremend, Grudziıdz – Poland

February 2nd, 2018 by retail design blog

Ibis Styles Grudziądz Hotel / Tremend – the mainstay of modern princesses and knights. The clash of armour and heavy weapons, the throb of horse hoofs and the singing of bards… The latest design of Tremend architectural studio takes us to the times of knights’ tournaments, boisterous feasts and romantic ballads. Ibis Styles Grudziądz hotel is a skilful combination of the city’s centuries-old heritage and modernity.

The stormy fates made Grudziądz a graceful topic and a real treasury of inspiration. Enchanted by the charming historical architecture, medieval customs and the fairy-tale atmosphere of the city, architects from Tremend decided to use these motifs in the interiors of the latest project. This is another studio proposal using the so-called local touch. “We like it when our projects are firmly embedded in local realities.

References to the history and traditions of a given place make our hotels have a unique context and unique colour” says Magdalena Federowicz-Boule, president of the Tremend brand. In Ibis Styles hotel Grudziadz, located in the vicinity of the Old Town, we will find many elements referring to medieval buildings and knights’ culture. They were woven into a modern design and original hotel design.

Common spaces are characterized by a simple, functional and spatial layout with a clear division into zones. The project focused on a classic combination of black and white, complemented by timeless wood and soft fabrics in shades of gray. The look is enchanced by strong touches in the colour of turquoise, as well as copper. Stylishly decorated interiors and comfortable furniture were created with the smallest detail in mind.

The atmosphere of the hotel is created by a sense of humor, good design and references to the Middle Ages. From the first moments in the hotel interiors you can feel the unique knights’ atmosphere. The reception counter is decorated with a pattern reminiscent of chain mail. On the wall behind the bar there is a panorama of the city, which is a showcase and pride of Grudziądz. The curtains in the lobby resemble colorful pennants.

From the walls modern, comic knights wink at guests – a knight in sneakers is waiting for them at the bar, and a small knight on a pony in the play area for the youngest. In the restaurant, long wooden tables and modern chandeliers bring to mind the atmosphere of the castle’s banquet room. The motif of medieval architecture can be found both in the catering zone, in the form of recesses reminiscent of historic, urban granaries with sloping roofs and decorative details, as well as in rooms.

Medieval accents have also been used in bathrooms, where stone basins resemble ancient basins. Olga Stępień, co-author of the project, describes it as follows: “We wanted to design the interior that combines a medieval atmosphere with contemporary design. We want to intrigue the hotel guest and draw him into a surprising journey in time. ”

Design: Tremend

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