Engelbert Strauss workwearstore by Plajer & Franz Studio, Oberhausen – Germany

February 18th, 2018 by retail design blog

At times when future prospects for stationary trade are uncertain e-commerce brand for workwear, Engelbert Strauss, decided to give craftsmen “real” shopping experiences. After designing workwear stores for Hockenheim, Munich-Bergkirchen and Biebergemünd, Plajer & Franz studio was commissioned to design a flagship store in Oberhausen. The brand’s DNA as a manufacturer of workwear goods was to be staged as a lifestyle product and implemented in a surprising, but honest manner into the new flagship store.

Therefore, the working world of craftsmen and their emotional values play a fundamental role in the store design. Materials and tools from the customer’s working environment are playfully and cleverly integrated into the design and the product presentation, creating emotional accents and providing references to the various craft professions.

Scaffold boards made of scaffold planks, control cabinet doors, warning triangles, paint cans as well as corrugated and trapezoidal sheet metal create a high recognition value and provide references to the various craft professions. With chandeliers made from miner’s lamps and deco lights from customs poles, spirit levels or shovels, this concept is also applied to the lighting concept. Focus walls are color- matched with individual collections and provide a good orientation throughout the entire flagship store.

Design: Plajer & Franz Studio

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