Farmacia Centrale by AMlab, Arcore – Italy

February 19th, 2018 by retail design blog

Farmacia Centrale: An unexpected place
A sales space entirely renewed to surprise customer and bring itself in an unusual set, inspired to Fifties, where materials and colors are mixed with elegance and openness. The project bring life in a constant exchange between a sophisticated and refined atmosphere, devoted to beauty, and an informal and comfortable setting, dedicated to natural wellness. The project motivate customer to discover pharmacy through a sensorial path that interchange exposition, interaction and relation spaces.

Farmacia Centrale, set in Arcore, renewed itself and bet on a project able to surprise customer, offering him an innovative and outside the box experience. The project develops an experiential path able to joint, and at the same time to distinguish, two pharmacy’s souls, linked to natural world and to beauty sphere, combining different areas dedicated to exposition, interaction and relation. The ambient proposes flowing and alternative paths, that allow to discover e to live the sales space in its complexity.

A project inspired to Italian Renaissance featured by black and white contrast, by the variation of transparent and glazed surfaces and by the research of material and chromatic details, that involved customer in a pleasant place where to stay and to explore, letting itself engaged by product’s interaction and in the relation with staff. A space where glamour soul, featured by a moderate and material luxury, is balanced by a natural atmosphere able to spread a relaxing sensation of wellness. Colors and decorative details bring back customer in Fifties setting, evoking a comforting, and sometime homesick experience of faraway times.

Designed by AMlab
Photography by Daniele Molineris

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