Microsoft Offices by SkB Architects, Cambridge – Massachusetts

February 19th, 2018 by retail design blog

Approximately 85,000 sf over 5 floors, Microsoft Cambridge involved repositioning the building entrance and creating a new customer entry at street level which leads to the 2nd floor Entry Plaza & Conferencing Center. This in turn connects to the 20,00 sf Microsoft Technology Center. Multi-purpose spaces on the 4th floor complete the customer / public experience.

New additions to the building that have not been employed in other Technology Center U.S. sites are the interactive center, the “exploratorium,” a cafe, meeting / small event space and an outdoor space adjacent to the cafe. The 2-story entry plaza contains dramatic 20’ high branded messaging elements as well as a reception point and hospitality zone complete with espresso machine and a horizontal touch screen for a variety of leveraged content. SkB developed branding concepts and owned the static branding design.

Designer: SkB Architects
Photography: Magda Biernat

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