Taternik mountain shop by BNCH / BANACH ARCHITEKCI, Poznan – Poland

February 20th, 2018 by retail design blog

Taternik Szpejownia, that is continued struggle in difficult conditions. Mountain Shop Taternik is not only outdoor clothing, it’s also climbing equipment. The equipment that enables to adapt to adverse conditions, guarantees safety, grip and doesn’t restrict movements in any way. And all this to provide as many sensations as possible.

This is also how the fittings of the shop, which is located in the basement of the first reinforced concrete tenement house in Poznań, have been designed. As in the times when the object was built, no external vertical waterproofing of the walls was used, it happened so far in the course of the shop’s activity that during the storms it was flooded with water. For this reason, the walls were secured with a hydro-tight layer, which made it impossible to design shelves and cabinets hung on the walls. Therefore, the construction of the shelves assumes their strutting between the ceiling and the floor. The system filled with steel mesh gives total freedom in the arrangement of the exhibition, and the hidden LED lighting brings out all the qualities of the presented assortment.

Harsh conditions also entail raw materials. After dismantling the existing suspended ceiling, a raw reinforced concrete ceiling appeared. We decided to leave it in the same condition with all the holes caused by slings, scratched paint and cracks. The cash counter and the auxiliary counter were covered with hot-rolled sheet protected only by colorless varnish. The wall behind the shelves was covered with coarse plaster. Specialist climbing equipment is also made of ultralight and ultra-hard metal alloys. Thus the furniture designed is full of perforated sheet and mesh.

Photography by Maciej Frydrysiak

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