La Roquesa restaurant bar by Plasma Nodo, Manizales – Colombia

February 24th, 2018 by retail design blog

La ROQUESA is a restaurant / bar located in Manizales, Colombia, which occupies the full second floor of an architectural heritage home. The interior design concept comes from the aesthetics of motorcycle workshops, from speed, from highways and roads, and it was defined between PLASMA NODO and CJ MARTINS. Almost every piece of furniture and decoration was designed and produced by PLASMA NODO or, in some cases, carefully selected by the client and PN.

The restoration that had to be done to the house for its new use was handled directly by the client with our advice, but we tried to keep the majority of the original space characteristics. The interior design, the selection of materials and finishes, the distribution of preparation areas, the different zones for clients and the general program were defined by our team. The lighting was designed and supplied by VIDA UTIL ( and was based on our specifications and initial sketches. Graphic language, brand identity and communication were carried out by CJ MARTINS.

Interiors and architecture: Plasma Nodo
Graphic Identity: CJ MARTINS
Set up and production: Plasma Nodo
Lighting: VIDA ÚTIL
Photography: Santiago Bohorquez

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