La Farcia by AMlab, Torino – Italy

February 26th, 2018 by retail design blog

A project out of ordinary, borned by an idea of the chef Flavio Ghigo, to re-discover the piedmontese cooking excellence and re-interpreted fast food formula. Creativity and tradition blend themselves to give life to gourmet sandwiches. The project recall on customer remembers and flavours linked to childhood and family, thanks to a vintage atmosphere, revisited on contemporary way. Although sandwich is the big protagonist, design proposes itself as a comfortable scenario to donate a quality break and to live an experiential journey discovering flavour between bread.

Among the streets of Turin, La Farcia stores propose an experiential journey between bread excellence made by old way and the exaltation of tradition’s flavours. The project reinterprets fast food formula in an innovative key, where the real luxury is the awareness of what itself eat. La Farcia remembers values and traditions of our country through a handmade ambient able to tell an authentic story and to live to customers a memorable experience. Spaces propose a vintage and cozy atmosphere, re-created inside chromatic and material combinations that develop themselves around a unique protagonist: the sandwich and its fillings.

An ambient able to capture attention and cause curiosity through all elements that build a relationship with client. An atmosphere that speak about culinary discovery and innovation.

Designed by AMlab
Photography by Daniele Molineris

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