EZO Cheesecakes & Bakery by Evonil Architecture, Surabaya – Indonesia

March 4th, 2018 by retail design blog

The huge success interior design by Evonil Architecture for EZO Cheesecakes & Bakery store continues to widespread into become a trademark for the brand itself, inspired by the classical yet elegant bakery shop with strong European taste interior design, meanwhile implement the taste of wooden and clean Japanese taste interior design.

Creating a unique space while sustaining the already developed EZO brand, Evonil Architecture improves the detail of the design of the combination between the classical interior design and Japanese interior design blend into one strong, original, and unique ‘twist’ of interior design, emphasizing the usage of blue pastel finish to upscale the feminine feel. Hence the store consists with the touch of classical design with ‘Japan’ interior design twist, made out of solid white marble pattern, bronze mirror, and wood finishing carpentry with a blue pastel finish at the wall.

Designed by Evonil Architecture

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