Go Orthodontistes clinic by Natasha Thorpe, Montreal – Canada

March 9th, 2018 by retail design blog

Located within a commercial complex, Go Orthodontistes clinic is accessible by a long hallway, which serves as a passageway between the exterior and the carefully crafted universe that lies within. The design of the floor plan aims to take full advantage of natural lighting. The project is designed as a platform of cohabitation between doctors, clinicians, and visiting patients. The flow of the space naturally leads visitors in past the reception area and into the waiting room. The open plan of the space allows for transparency and puts visitors at ease.

In order to create a cohesive space of total design, it was necessary to conceive of the interior space simultaneously with the elements of industrial design. The wood slats inform all interventions and the open layout, with its curved surfaces and reveals, mitigates confusion, favoring openness. The design of the floorplan, interior architecture, and all furniture (except chairs) was guided by global vision such that treatment of space, object, and their respective colors, materiality, and texture are seamless. The use of natural materials and open plan layout were essential to creating a feeling of ease and comfort in the clinic. Treatment spaces, laboratory, and sterilization area were designed with hygiene in mind using resistant non-porous materials.

Customized sinks were required to create cohesion with the clean linearity of the space. The sinks share materiality with countertops throughout the space, which creates continuity throughout the entire office. For areas such as the conference room that served the dual function of a presentation room and staff break room, concealing the faucets and handles below the line of sight was necessary to create a hidden sink.

Designed by Natasha Thorpe
Photography by Maxime Brouillet


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