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Old Amsterdam Promotional display by Studiomfd

November 30th, 2013

The object was designed and developed to suit the overall appearance of the brand’s two cheese stores. In this downsized edition of the brand the consumer can experience the same look & feel.

Old Amsterdam Cheese flagship store by studiomfd, Amsterdam

July 26th, 2013

Pure materials with lots of personality, such as a wooden floor distressed with a saw blade texture, stairs and wall covered in white classic marble and a countertop of genuine Belgian granite. Foreign visitors can enjoy images of Amsterdam in a vintage-poster-style mural showing the landmarks of the city. Everything conspires to embellish the Cheese Experience.

Wonen Limburg HQ by studiomfd, Roermond – Netherlands

June 11th, 2013

Wonen Limburg HQ by studiomfd, Roermond – Netherlands

De Beemster trolley-stand by Studiomfd, Netherlands

May 31st, 2013

The design is color-themed. The milk pails and wheels based on an old-fashioned transport bicycle are painted Beemster blue. The covering tarpaulin is printed in the brand’s colors. It creates an oasis of atmosphere in the usually rather functional supermarket environment.

Douwe Egberts stand by studiomfd, Amsterdam

March 26th, 2013

The clear and iconic design encompasses various layers of information. At the top we have the striking lighting layer, attracting shoppers from a distance. Below this there is the information layer, furnished with chalkboards and two digital screens, and under these the two layers with products.

Afa Dispensing Group stand by studiomfd

March 22nd, 2012

The white curtains create a mystical ‘flow’. Suspended in a curve with weighted bottom hems, they tremble softly, like babbling waves. This suggestion becomes even stronger through the projection of various texts on the cloths.