Porcelanosa flagship store by Wildbytes, New York City

February 1st, 2016 by retail design blog

Porcelanosa, the premiere European manufacturer of luxury tile, kitchen and bath products, commissioned Wildbytes to transform their first global flagship into a breathtaking audiovisual experience. Located in the heart of the Big Apple, right in front of the Flatiron Building, the emblematic Commodore Criterion Building has now been refurbished into a world reference in architecture and interior design by Foster + Partners.

Designed by Wildbytes, a seamless large-scale display integrates into the showroom’s architecture, unveiling high detailed content visible from every angle of Madison Square. The dramatic floor-to-ceiling 26’H x 16’W LED screen showcases an experiential lookbook featuring iconic brand lifestyles in mesmerizing motion, an immersive display where visitors can almost step inside.

The awe-inspiring scale guides the content strategy: from high-end materials floating in a timeless dimension to luxury tiles transforming the walls into a breathing skin, the building becomes a majestic organism guiding visitors through a visual experience that expands across three floors.

“The concept was to create an immersive experience from the inside that is striking from the outside”, says Julio Obelleiro, co-founder at Wildbytes. Continuing with the journey, a life-size interactive video wall offers guests the possibility to customize spaces with Porcelanosa’s finest materials, bringing customers’ creations to life in a intuitive and engaging way. The new Porcelanosa’s global flagship proposes a high impact visual experience, reinforcing the global positioning of the brand while enticing passersby to get a closer look at Porcelanosa’s universe.

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