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Originated in Spain and located in Hangzhou, the Techsize global flagship store adheres to the spirit of “feeling new beauty and exploring new trends in art and design” to convey the brand concept of “creating a beautiful living space”. Breaking through the traditional display logic, the design does not focus on displaying product features, but to present the spiritual core, thus creating a space full of art and a living atmosphere.

The layers of 3D carved slabs are superimposed to outline the mountain, and the irregular edges are like the aeolian monadnocks that have been eroded for thousands of years.

Project Name: Techsize Living Aesthetic Exhibition Hall

Project Location: The Sixth Space Building Materials Museum, Binjiang, Hangzhou, China

Project Area: 408m²

Completion Time: 2022.05

Chief Designer: Chen Lin, Cui Shu, Chen Linping

Design team: Kong Weiqing, Li Hui, Na Mula

Calligrapher: Wang Dongling

Written by: Cui Shu

Photographers: Pan Jie, WM STUDIO, Si You

Multimedia Installation: Ruan Yuelai, Zhang Haoguang

Video Production: Yun Dawei

Construction Firm: Hangzhou Taoyi Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

Lighting Design: Beijing Benzhi Lighting Design Co., Ltd., An Sheng

LED Screen: Shenzhen Juhe Guangcai Display Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent System: Morgan Smart System

Fragrance: EnjoyScent

Landscape: Xinzizhu Gardening Design Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Wushe Gardening Co., Ltd.

Logo light box: Hangzhou Wanlin Advertising Co., Ltd.

Stainless Steel Metal: Castle Metal Aesthetics

Ancient Furniture: Xingyue Culture and Art

Animation: Xiangxian Art Design

Kitchen Appliances: SMEG

Revolving Frame: Zuofan Smart

Kitchen Equipment: Crown

Lamps: SLAMP

Waterproofing: MAPEI

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