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UNStudio is seeking a BIM manager to join its team in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

BIM manager – Shanghai and Hong Kong offices

As an international architectural firm, UNStudio is active in the broadest fields of architecture. Our project portfolio covers every aspect of architecture, ranging from small to large scale projects, research, and theory. The atmosphere within our offices in Amsterdam, Shanghai, and Hong Kong is international, multidisciplinary and ambitious, but also open, non-hierarchical, team-based and friendly, with attention to personal well-being, knowledge development and career planning.

We are currently looking for BIM Managers to join our Shanghai and Hong Kong offices who will develop, manage, and monitor the quality and consistency of project BIM models.


  • plan, manage and maintain 3D BIM models and content to meet project deliverable requirements
  • produce BIM model specifications, drawings, schedules, and clash analyses
  • actively explore and pursue workflows between BIM and other 2D and 3D applications
  • provide hardware and network support as it relates to BIM production
  • create and maintain software template files to assure and sustain standards
  • actively contribute to the development and improvement of in-house BIM processes and protocols
  • provide day-to-day support with modelling, documenting and detailing


  • five to seven years of relevant industry experience (at least three years as a BIM manager or equivalent role)
  • B.S. degree in architecture, engineering, construction management, building services engineering, etc. Masters degree is preferred.
  • documented experience in building and managing a BIM model through all phases of the design and construction process for large, international, geometrically-complex projects
  • strong understanding of construction industry regulations and standards
  • goal-oriented, independent, and proactive, with experience overseeing and mentoring a team to complete a BIM project
  • passionate about BIM and how it can be used to push the productivity of those who work in design and construction
  • in-depth knowledge of AutoDesk Revit, AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, NavisWorks, Dynamo, and other BIM Tools ∙ Expertise in developing families, setting up drawing and modeling standards, and managing and translating complex geometries between Rhinoceros and Revit platforms
  • experience teaching Revit is a plus
  • professional qualifications in Revit is preferred
  • fluent in English (speaking, writing, reading)


Working conditions are according to Chinese and Hong Kong legislation respectively. Benefits are consistent within all UNStudio offices. Applications consisting of a short cover letter, C.V. and portfolio can be sent digitally (PDF, max.10mb) to Feely Pan using the ‘apply’ link below.

BIM 经理 上海及香港办公室

UNStudio 是一家国际化的建筑事务所,活跃在最广泛的建筑领域。我们在欧洲、亚洲及北美洲均有多个已建成的 设计项目。项目的类型包括建筑的每一个方面,从小型到大型的项目,从学术研究到理论建树。公司的氛围是国 际化、跨学科、雄心勃勃的,同时也是开放的、不分等级的、团队合作及友好的,并关注员工个人发展和职业规 划的。

我们的上海及香港办公室正在招募经验丰富的 BIM 经理,协助开发、管理及监督项目的 BIM 模型。


规划、管理和维护 3D BIM 模型和内容,以满足项目可交付需求

建立及制作 BIM 模型规格、图纸、时间表和冲突分析

积极探索和不断优化 BIM 模型与其他 2D 和 3D 应用之间的工作流程

提供与 BIM 模型制作相关的硬件和网络支持


积极参与内部 BIM 模型程序、流程和制度的开发和改进



5-7 年建筑行业相关经验(至少 3 年 BIM 管理经验)


拥有全面及具体的管理及制作 BIM 模型经验,包括国际性大型复杂几何项目的设计和施工过程各个阶段 对建筑行业法规和标准有全面深刻的理解

目标导向、独立、积极主动,具有管理及指导团队完成 BIM 项目的经验

对 BIM 模型有热诚,并能运用其提高设计及工程效率

深入了解 AutoDesk Revit、AutoCAD、Rhinoceros、NavisWorks、Dynamo 及其他 BIM 模型相关工具 擅于开发及制定绘图和建模标准、处理及转换 Rhinoceros 和 Revit 平台之间的复杂几何 如有 Revit 的教学经验更佳

持有 Revit 的专业资格,优先考虑



工作条件依据中国内地及中国香港相关法律。福利制度依据 UNStudio 内部统一标准。请将求职信、简历、 作品集(PDF 格式,最大不超过 10M)以电子邮件的形式发送到: Feely Pan

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