Affordable building materials from recycled agricultural waste

November 3rd, 2011 by retail design blog

Holcim Awards Acknowledgement prize 2011 Africa Middle East

This materials development project succeeded in processing agricultural waste into low-cost construction panels bonded with tannin-based adhesive. Plant-based agricultural wastes from the cultivation of rice, maize and cassava crops provide natural fibers that are a sustainable resource for the production of building materials to achieve a reduction in construction costs, reducing dependence on imported, higher-cost alternatives.

The panels are an affordable building material for housing economically disadvantaged communities and help to improve rudimentary living conditions. Diverting crop byproducts from the waste stream produces positive environmental side effects since waste incineration and considerable air pollution are avoided. The building material provides a tangible contribution to reducing the estimated deficit of 17 million low-cost dwellings in Nigeria alone.

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7 thoughts on “Affordable building materials from recycled agricultural waste

  1. Hamid fagir says:

    can you assist in the implementation of agricultural waste recycling project in Sudan factory there is no factory in Sudan

  2. Altangerel Chinbaaar says:

    How can i contact those guys or which one is manufacturing this product ?

  3. Ngozi says:

    can cassava waste be use as a building material and how ?

  4. Patel Tejash says:

    Looking for agriculture recycling in to building materials

  5. Ruby Mungoshi says:

    Hi I am an architectural student currently experimenting with plant fibres in materials. Where could I purchase a tannin based adhesive from? Or can one buy tannin and make the adhesive ?

  6. Sasidhar Reddy says:

    It can give the same strength like concrete or not?

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