Havaianas franchising unit by FAL Design Estratégico – Brazil

May 18th, 2012 by retail design blog

Everybody knows that Havaianas flip flops are the most democratic Brazilian fashion product (one pair per inhabitant per year!!!) and after the huge success of their flagship store, the brand decided to open a chain of stores throughout Brazil. The goal is to reproduce in 750 sq ft. their flair and coolness of the Havaianas in a heavy merchandised sales environment and the plan is to open 500 stores and kiosks in just 5 years.

FAL Design Estratégico, the design team in charge of the project, decided to occupy the walls with flip flops, that represent 95% of the store revenues, so they created a modular wall displays that have a dominant presence, with girls placed on the right and back wall and boys on the left. On the floor are the impulse items, such as a towel rack and a customization bar, aside from the benches.

The store is planned to be as open and inviting as possible, dazzling the customer with the wide selection of always new launches of the Havaianas finishings and prints. There is one single focal point that holds the last launches and the lines that are featured on TV and magazine advertising. Lighting plays an important role at the store, bathing all the products equally and adding an extra punch at the focal point. As the rest of the elements, all lighting solutions consider price and productivity, in order to match the company’s aggressive expansion target.

The design privileges the natural and warm looks, with a soft colour wood on the floor and part of the fixtures, natural cotton fabric for the bench pillows and the white unpolished stone bits that cover the back wall at the cash unit. The red, white and wooden palette worked just fine for the laid back tone of the brand. Graphics are vital to give to the store the dynamic that retail demands. At Havaianas the graphic line works as a back drop for the campaign posters that are replaced twice a month.

With no storage space and a product that is fun and simple, the solution was obvious: to display as many pairs as possible, taking advantage of the multitude of colors and prints. Therefore, most of the store is filled with pegs that hold and display the flip flop pairs at the same time. To create value, displaying the Havaianas as jewelry pieces, we added some small show cases that hang from the façade and focal points inside the store, lighted with strong led lamps. Popular but smart. Simple and fun. That is the core of the Havaianas brand that we had in mind during the creative process of developing a store design that would reflect the brand values.

address: Rua Oscar Freire 379 cj. 191 – São Paulo – Brasil
phone number: 55 11 3063 2523
site: www.falzonialveslima.com.br
blog: www.blogdafal.com.br

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