Bread & Butter Berlin 2012 Summer – IPANEMA & RIDER

July 19th, 2012 by retail design blog

The Brazilian company Grendene S.A. launched the brand Ipanema back in 2001. Ipanema Sandals are inspired in the lifestyle of Rio de Janeiro, a city that combines the urban excitement and the lightness of the beach soul. Ipanema is named after the famous beach located in the south zone of Rio de Janeiro. Our design team searches their inspiration to constantly renew the product styles which deliver diversity, versatility and innovation. This dynamics makes of Ipanema Sandals an essential fashion accessory. Ipanema Sandals are 100% recyclable.

Ipanema is pure charm. It has a beach spirit and is at the same time stylish and elegant. Ipanema is not only about sea, sand and sun. Above all, it’s about fashion, trends and lifestyle. Always feminine, naturally sensual, kind and innovative.

The Brazilian company Grendene S.A. launched the brand Rider back in 1986. The brand aims at wearing the feet of relaxed men who have an easy going lifestyle. The Rider Sandals are represented by authentic styles that deliver comfort and design. Besides that, it maintains an environmental commitment: all Rider products are developed with 100% recyclable material.

The brand Rider transforms the act of walking into an attitude. And thus, it provides its adopters with more than an accessory: a lifestyle. The brand priority is promoting well being associated with style. Rider is built on values such as friendship, freedom and innovation. The products are designed in an universe full of expression, colors, shapes, positive energy and motion.

Photography: Zsolt Istvan Posta
Images courtesy of RetailDesignBlog

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