Grown Botanical Beauty by Beatson, Clark and Co.

November 5th, 2012 by retail design blog

“Our bottle design is a replica of a vintage bottle shape first designed by Beatson, Clark and Co in the late 1890. Beatson Clark has been manufacturing glass since 1751, in the 1860s they began to develop a reputation for fine pharmaceutical glassware. Their tablet or medicine bottles known as ‘RocheRounds’ (as they were originally produced for the pharmaceutical company Hoffman La Roche) were the predecessor to our bottles which later became the Boston Round, widely used in the pharmaceutical industry today.

Many packaging materials emit harmful chemicals into the product they are protecting. We have carefully chosen premium packaging materials that protect the product and you. We use non-leeching, lined aluminium and hardened PET instead of conventional chemically toxic polypropylene plastics to ensure our products remain as healthy as the day they were created.

We use amber bottles to protect delicate botanical ingredients from being broken down by UV light. Our pumps use a patented valve technology to ensure nothing contaminates our ingredients. Aluminum tubes prevent air coming in contact with the product ensuring an optimum environment for our active ingredients.

Grown bottles are made from the worlds most recycled plastic, PET. We have investigated many types of material to use in our packaging and although there are many options available PET is by far the most energy efficient plastic to recycle. Grown packaging and product is created in Victoria, Australia. This means we don’t ship empty containers around the world, saving our environment from pollution and making the most of the earths energy.”

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