Pisacco bistro by Vudafieri Saverino, Milan

January 29th, 2013 by retail design blog

When a group of partners who hail from a broad range of backgrounds unite through their passion for modern design and unadorned Italian cuisine, Milanese magic truly happens. This magic takes the form of a striking contemporary bistro called Pisacco, the latest addition to one of Europe’s most stylish cities’ bar/dining scenes.

The partners behind this incredible project include managers, art collectors, lawyers and architects such as Vudafieri Saverino, who conceived the interior. This range of ideas and creativity has given Pisacco a mix of sleek style and a bold creativity through creating a space that loosens the boundary between dining and service areas most notably in the open bar area.

Pisacco is spread across two floors: the upper floor at street level, opening onto Via Solferino 48 (20122 Milan), which encompasses the bar and cafe, and a lower level, housing the restaurant, flooded with natural light through large glass windows which open onto a small garden that was originally a stretch of the Conca delle Gabelle.

Throughout the space, architects Tiziano Vudafieri & Claudio Saverino have honored the original structure. The exposed brickwork on the bold arched ceiling has been tastefully enhanced with a lightly coloured paint inviting light into the space, thus retaining the building’s original features and ensuring that the bistro retains its authentic core.

Additional complimentary contemporary elements including the carefully selected modern furniture and provocative artwork by the artist Gabriella Ciancimino, which acts as a backdrop upon which a variety of contemporary works of art will alternate, all add quirk and charm. Talking points galore abound where Pisacco’s design offers some incredible lighting features to set the mood, which include electrical wire neon ”bouquets”, from the Paris concept store Merci, bold sculptural clusters and low hanging illuminations, each adding a certain ambience to the different areas.

Featuring other furniture and lighting elements from Discipline, the furniture has been chosen because of its quality, craftsmanship and the care for materials in its design. Featured accessories include minimal shapes and clean lines, light and simple cutlery, vintage glassware, Bauhaus silhouettes and small retro bowls.

As mentioned before, the space is flooded with natural light which enters through the expansive glass windows and the large mirrored wall to the right. Two communal, zinc tables are put to use simultaneously as work areas (servers) and gathering areas (diners), relieving both servers and diners from the usual bar rituals, illustrating how everything has been carefully considered to ensure maximum usage and enjoyment.

Pisacco is the culmination of a collective idea focused on providing diners with a fun lively setting in which to enjoy amazing Italian cuisine from Michelin-starred chef Andrea Berton (previously at Trussardi alla Scala). Overall, it feels accessible, inviting and comfortable with an attitude and atmosphere that is as impressive and as inclusive as the competitively priced culinary delights on offer. Pisacco has been created with an emphasis on comfort and this has been achieved by shedding any feel of pretension or exclusivity; it is truly a place where everybody can enjoy the passion and creativity behind it.


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