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Beer traces its roots back some 14,000 years, emerging well before the onset of agriculture by humankind. The modern iteration of beer, fermented with yeast, made its debut in ancient Egypt before the 4th century BCE, marking a pivotal moment in the beverage’s evolution. This transition is widely recognized as the birth of beer. The journey of beer continued as it ventured into Europe, with monasteries assuming the mantle of brewing during the medieval era. This shift was driven by monks seeking a delightful respite during arduous fasting periods.

At its core, beer embodies the essence of joy. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Seoul’s Jongno, amidst a concentration of offices, E.O.D stands as a haven dedicated to beer. An acronym for ‘End of Document,’ E.O.D aspires to be an extraordinary space where individuals can conclude their demanding office tasks and conclude their day with sheer enjoyment. While daytime Jongno may paint a monotonous, gray canvas, E.O.D endeavors to transform the urban landscape into an intriguing spectacle as the sun sets, reflecting the joy encapsulated in a glass of beer through its expansive windows.

E.O.D’s distinctive external circular facade, adorned with conspicuous red brick, sets it apart from the surrounding environment. This subtle choice symbolizes the intention to craft a haven that embraces people with the warmth of red brick amidst the grayscale city. Stepping into E.O.D and ascending the stairs, patrons are welcomed by the historical taps of Erdinger beer.

As the flagship pub for the renowned German beer Erdinger, E.O.D mirrors the unwavering history of Erdinger in the robust characteristics of red brick permeating the entire space. The red brick takes center stage, forming substantial and commanding structures that envelop the area. This design maintains the red hue, enveloping the space in a cohesive atmosphere. Contrasting with the red brick, the furnishings—comprising the bar, tables, and chairs—utilize silver metal and light-toned wood, introducing a harmonious contrast to the surroundings.

The outermost area encompasses terrace seating sheltered by a glass awning. This feature embraces transparency, allowing patrons to gaze upon the city sky and witness various weather conditions. On sunny days, the ceiling can be retracted, providing an immersive experience of the city’s ambiance. On rainy days, patrons can savor the sights and sounds of rain, connecting with nature while enjoying the company of beer.

Architects: Studio Prepro
Project Team: Boram Seo, Dowoo Lee, Jeayong Shim
Photographs: Donggyu Kim


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