Internet Q Akazoo exhibit display by InStyle LED Lighting

February 17th, 2013 by retail design blog

Internet Q were planning to visit many exhibitions around Europe to promote there Akazoo band and wanted their exhibition display to stand out. Their top designers had come up with a fantastic design for the exhibition stand and to top it off they were looking for lighting to bring the stand to life. The stand was specifically designed to have a curved feature that they wanted to be lit up with the company’s specific shade of pink.

The curved feature was made out of a frosted acrylic that would let the light through to give an effect but would also diffuse the light source so no hotspots would be created by the LED’s.. InStyle LED used high powered RGB LED tape which was fixed to the top and bottom of the frosted acrylic shining inwards. It was bright enough to shine all the way across the face to give a smooth effect.

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3 thoughts on “Internet Q Akazoo exhibit display by InStyle LED Lighting

  1. jack james says:

    This looks fantasic – very effective

  2. I’m happy that the state of technology of LEDS is moving to the point where they are no longer a barrier for architects and designers, but now…one of the only lighting technologies that works just as well with thin and/or curved surfaces. Terrific photo!

  3. ndimensions says:

    wonderful designs..nice color is attractive

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