ChiantiBanca design by Crea International & DINN!, Italy

July 2nd, 2013 by retail design blog

RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE BANKING concept is born from the need of ChiantiBanca to enhance the social and economic potential of the Tuscan territory, through an innovative service design for its branches.

Starting from the idea to consolidate the relationships, the new service design gives life to an environment that recalls the inns of Chianti. The relational approach is more reassuring and confidential, thanks to a revolutionary layout that introduces different counseling areas: low tables with chairs, high tables with stools and zones for a closer privacy.

Tradition and modernity have been harmonized to create this new ChiantiBanca branch. The innovation is perceived from the welcome zone, an open and informal space where the banking advisor receives and invites the customer to sit at one of the tables place centrally offering a prompt service with the support of brochures.

The use of digital tools facilitates the direct access to information, underlining the innovative identity of the bank. New ATM stations have been prepared to provide an automated cash service, the use of which will be explained to the users. In this way it is facilitated a multichannel strategy justified by the complete absence of cash desks, moved in an area accessible by the customer only with the operators.

The strong attachment of ChiantiBanca to its origins is further transmitted from the elements on the perimeter, which promote the excellence of Chianti through an integrated displays and a video wall of communication. A digital communication system on the walls, called “Bacheca del Chianti”, communicates the values and identity of the bank through information and graphical tools that recall the materials use in the concept design.

The spaces are characterized by the use of natural and sustainable materials, such ad wood and corten, and of pastel colors, such as walnut and green. The soft lighting enhances the rough pavement, creating a pure atmosphere where involve the client in the expression of Chianti.

The new layout marks the beginning of a new era for ChiantiBanca towards a relational approach with clients innovative that will increase the distinctiveness of the Cooperative Credit. Apart from being just a place for daily banking transactions, the new branches become an opportunity to promote local products. The design, development and management of the project have been made by Crea International and DINN!

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