Pets Carnival store by rptecture architects, Melbourne – Australia

December 17th, 2013 by retail design blog

Pets Carnival is a celebration of the joy and playfulness that comes with being a pet owner. The concept is to initiate new ways of shopping for our pets. By personalising and humanising the experience, we can instigate a movement of thought, where pets are more than just animals, but are an integral part of the family. This new and exciting idea rivals the traditional pet shops that are commonly seen. The shop is located in Centro Box Hill.

The newly refurbished shopping centre has undergone major rebranding in recent years. Closing down in the year 2000, the plaza reopened in 2003 as a new shopping centre. Centro Box Hill now aims to
house retailers that produce high quality fitā€outs and offer customers an exceptional shopping experience. For this reason, Pets Carnival is situated within the heart of the centre. The design and
colours used are bold and intense, complimenting the context of the store.

The colour application endeavours to offset the segmented nature of the small products predominantly sold in the shop. By streaking three wedges of colour starting at the floor, moving along the partitions and onto the ceiling, the colour acts as a gelling agent to form a cohesive space, and counters the clutter that small items can produce. High chroma colours, such as primary colours, are used to create contrast between the neutral tones of the construction materials.

Red, blue and yellow paint is applied at the framing of the amplified scale of the kennel like structures. When mixing primary colours, a new colour is created. These colours are conveyed through the transparent, neon acrylic tubes. Placed at the shopfront, they create a tinted luminosity at the entrance. This glow contributes to the unique and fun atmosphere associated with the Pets Carnival brand. Together, the entire colour palette encapsulates the frivolity of the carnival concept, whilst honouring the intent of the store.

Designed by rptecture architects

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