Kubrick Bookshop and MOMA Movie Centre by One Plus Partnership, Beijing – China

April 17th, 2014 by retail design blog

The Linked Hybrid in this area is the “contemporary celestial city” by Stephen Holl, of the few top architects in the world. Located in the atmosphere with impact that touches people’s hearts, the bookshop linked with the cinema is promised to present visitors the sensual stimulus that answers to the exterior, where the linkage within people is abstracted as numbers of geometric buildings linked by irregular footbridges between them.

The shop is divided into the movie bookshop and information center, the design concept with the trace of cinema is applied into these spaces. Visitors’ sight would be drawn to the random-like located joinery pieces, which has made with the form just like stacked bookshelves. Meanwhile, the cashier counter with the same pattern of appearance is well blended into the “sheep herd” of bookshelves as a”camouflaged wolf”. Adjoining the bright green colour, the vivacious joinery, which are actually an abstract of the back of books, are releasing customers’ mind and encouraging their reading desire with the soothing air it provides.

Meanwhile these furniture piece and the books in them serve as the magnet that tracts people altogether, the architect’s aim of group interaction is fulfilled here then. The cashier counter is one of many places that reflect the concept of cinema from the shop, the big white back wall with the shop’s logo and name etched into it, yet video clips about movies and related activities appear on the wall.

Looking upon the ceiling around the shop space including the movie information centre, large amount of radial webs of green electric cords is found spreading there, with lights hanging on the end of each cord. This is not only for responding the green colour scheme in the shop space, but also for localising the modern design style of the shop with their appearance , which is reminiscence of the messy electric poles all over the old alleys in Beijing. More importantly, it is also stating the inter-people connection that is boldly expressed in the exterior.

Localization has become a tool to enrich the theme. And hence, the choice of green tone, as the abstract colour scheme of ‘flora vitality’ in the interior, can be explained under this circumstance.

Interior Design Firm: One Plus Partnership Limited
Materials: Emulsion paint, Timber floor, Wooden Veneer, Stainless steel mirror finish, Metal plate rust finish, Metal grid, perforated metal plate, Wallpaper, Fabric, Leather, Plastic laminate, Cement boards, Corian stones, Ceramic tiles, metal bookshelves in green powder coating finished

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