Light + Building 2014 Frankfurt – VIBIA

April 17th, 2014 by retail design blog

Vibia is located in Barcelona (Spain), a design culture hub and knowledge cluster where we have been able to drive the capabilities of our industrial and service providers and create a top-class team of collaborators. From local knowledge has a global business sprung. We operate in 60 countries and have an affiliate in New Jersey (USA). We are in the creativity business and embrace innovation. We have developed our own high-performance innovation ecosystem and facilitate a new value proposal. We are passionate about the challenge of developing outstanding products, creating a global company that provides consistent service and becoming an international benchmark. We believe in our energy and in the future.

Images courtesy of Retail Design Blog

Audi AreA1 by Schmidhuber + Partner, Barcelona
The AreA1 Roadshow – combining a distinctive mobile brand space and theatric...
Swarovski visual merchandising by Marketing-Jazz, Spain
The 2012 Olympic Games in London, its international focus and the diversity ...
Bread & Butter Berlin 2013 Summer – Mouli
The brothers Vemund and Eitil have always enjoyed creating, and one day that...
Aesop Store by Torafu Architects, Tokyo - Japan
Aesop Store by Torafu Architects, Tokyo - Japan

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