Tilia furniture by Alicja Prussakowska, Kraków – Poland

August 21st, 2014 by retail design blog

Tilia is a freestanding hanger that can be also used as a seating. This object was designed to be fitted in the hall space. The main design assumption was to differentiate the height of hooks, which improves the functional value of the hanger – both adults and children can be the users of this product. Suitably shaped hooks, their size and arrangement allow to hang many coates, scarfs, hats, purses and umbrellas. The additional space inside the base can be also used to place shoes.

Both slats of the hanger and the corners of the base are made of pine wood. The base was made of white lacquered mdf slab. The slats are wedged inside the base with two additional elements, which fix the distance between the slats. The order of the slats can be rearranged at will. The base of the hanger consists of 4 separate parts, so that the whole object could fit in a flat wrapping.

While designing the form of the hanger I was inspired by shape of the grass blowing in the breeze. Sublime detail highlight the beauty and nobility of the wood and presents the value of traditional craft. The associations with the human-friendly natural environment and the feeling of comfort and freedom of use, the originality and uniqueness of this piece of furniture as a master work of human hands, distinguish this hanger among mass-produced furniture.

Design by Alicja Prussakowska

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