NVIDIA office by Procters, Bristol – UK

August 25th, 2014 by retail design blog

As a pioneering global visual computing company, the 30,000 ft2 office is the largest in the UK* and includes an open plan layout and technically advanced laboratory. We incorporated NVIDIA’s strong identity throughout the building using bespoke graphics inspired by their graphic card designs and branding colours. These elements were incorporated into manifestation, wall coverings, and meeting pods on each floor. Influences from Bristol were introduced into the breakout areas and influenced the creation of a runway with the iconic Concord landing along a corridor.

A variety of different environments were created throughout the large open office plan to allow formal and informal meetings along with privacy and confidentiality. The furniture selection and arrangement enhanced the space with a modern and flexible design taking into consideration the users’ requirements. A visitor’s viewing gallery was designed with electro-switch glass with manifestation to allow a glimpse into what happens within the highly technical laboratory space.

A ‘play zone’ and library includes a game station where NVIDIA can demonstrate their products informally to their Clients or the employees can relax away from their desks. The unique LED time-zone clock in reception connects the employees globally. Overall, the spaces we created were mixed with strong graphics and design that resulted in a highly stimulating and technical environment with a strong link to the NVIDIA brand and Bristol location.

“Our new office had to incorporate multiple elements, and the design needed to encompass our highly technical and engineering demands. Procters explored our work styles and company ethos to design and deliver a superb environment where our business can continue to develop whilst offering the team a balanced, exciting and enjoyable space to work and relax. The new Bristol office has had very positive recognition globally throughout NVIDIA -Pete Hughes, VP Mobile & Site Leader Bristol

Architect: Procters
Contractor: Country Contractor
Furniture: Wagstaff
Joinery: Woodcraft Joinery


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