Hi-Pres waterproof boot by PF Flyers

September 2nd, 2014 by retail design blog

As we’ve spent a great deal covering their famous sneakers, we almost forgot PF Flyers made anything but great looking sneakers. That aside, may we introduce the Hi-Pres Waterproof Boot. Back in the good ole’ days — the ’30s through the ’50s — PFF worked with tire makers BF Goodrich to produce the rubberized and vulcanized Hi-Press boots that withstood the elements.

In homage to this, the shoemaker release the new Hi-Pres Boot (don’t ask us why they decided to name it Hi-Pres instead of Hi-Press), which features a coated waterproof outer, high rubber foxing, gusseted tongue and water-tight hydrophobic threading. Unfortunately, the new version is not made in collaboration with BFG, but from the looks of it, they do closely resemble their older brother. The boot will be available starting this Monday, September 1 directly through PF Flyers.

Made by PF Flyers


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