Beija Flor Naturals branding by ISKRA

October 23rd, 2014 by retail design blog

A new branding project by ISKRA Creative agency started as an exploration on hummingbirds, which was selected as a brand icon for a new organic body care line, Beija Flor Naturals. Although known for their beauty, these little birds are actually the toughest creatures in the jangles — surviving in snow, desert, and Brazilian rainforest, thanks to healing qualities of the plants that like to be attached to. Along with that, the new organic series, made from raw vegetable based ingredients, had to look desirable, aspirational, premium and easy to use.

ISKRA’s challenge was not just designing the identity and packaging but also creating the overall look, feel, and story. In the agency, we do believe that designers have to be involved in the project from the research phase to its production. We designed organic packaging line of total 14 items from scratch to capture the story of the brand and show what makes it so special: organic substances that moisturize, refresh, rejuvenate and perfume the skin with natural fragrance. We used mysterious, artistic, and soft style of illustration, which literally helped to show how soft your skin might look like.

Designer: Bogdan Kravchenko / ISKRA

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