La Piadina Cambados by NAN Architects, Cambados – Spain

November 21st, 2014 by retail design blog

A work, being an event that takes place in a certain time and obey an expression of requirements and solutions, always tells a history. The story of this book talks about how to make a virtue of necessity; constant struggle between lack of time and money always comes (we have not had any clients to give us a blank check, and on second thought, we hinder our work even more) when projected a local hostelry. In presenting local we were asked to design and construction we would make in five weeks, with less than 10,000 € of PEC, which draw the attention and avail himself young and old. We could not contain ourselves, laughter echoed through the empty building. The customer looked at us puzzled, and biting us asked: Isn’t you are able? The challenge was served, they could seek to increase the budget, but the weather was not going to give concessions.

THE IDEA: It seeks to eliminate all local element that provides, by form or use a value operation. All construction element it can be removed to save time and disappears expenditure execution. We analyze which elements can be exploited, both in its original condition and with slight modifications. Determine how to get attention, seeking a speech that unifies the proposal and solve the functional needs of comfort, aesthetics, budget … You opt for the color, remembering the old tradition of the homes of sailors from afar avistarlas on arrival at port.

PERFORMANCE: The flagship products are the piadinas local, popular recipe in Italy that can be imported to Spain, ice cream and beer. It is divided into local two rooms, one for ice cream at the bottom of it and the other for coffee, focused on a longer stay. Both environments are separated by a height difference and finish, but the transition between them is not exclusive. Colors shades are determined fluoride to be used on the premises. An item that drops existing false ceiling Wanted, opting for colorful twine area ice cream and ends in the cafeteria, also making another nod to local tradition. As the project is understood as a complete work of the local graphic image detail is also designed.

Photography: Iván Casal Nieto (
Design by Wenceslao López, Vicente Pillado, Alberto Reiriz at NAN Architects

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