celio very big Christmas windows by Clément Delbes, Paris – France

January 3rd, 2015 by retail design blog

This 2014 very big Christmas has been designed to the theme of futurism combining the use of hi-tech, illusionism and 3D. This Gargantua trend gives Christmas a playful new twist with a touch of wondrous magic.

The main window spans two storeys. In the background, a 6m-high picture of elephants walking through the snow takes us on an unexpected flight of fancy for Christmas 2014. Then at eye-level for passers-by in the same window, hi-tech holographs depicting pyramids by COMactive set the scene for virtual mannequins moving around pullovers, shirts and shoes.

The offbeat spirit spreads to the second window, where a “Christmas in Hawaii” theme has been showcased. Featuring an icy tropical print in silver and white, an immense 6m surfboard, shaped, engraved and hand-painted by a French artisan, transports us to a supersized world. Over 300 kilos of snow cover the ground of these two windows.

The Christmas decor culminates with a 6m-tall giraffe standing on the table at the entrance, spanning both storeys of the store. This majestic piece was crafted completely in resin and hand-painted by contemporary artist Agnes Rosse to appeal to the inner child in each of us. 25 people worked non-stop for two long nights in order to set up this scenery so that all store visitors can enjoy it throughout the Christmas period on the most beautiful avenue in the world.

Designed by Clément Delbes

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