Wink Office by Stone Designs, Madrid – Spain

January 4th, 2015 by retail design blog

The new Wink Offices merge all aspects like closeness, warmth, simplicity, color and functionality we like to work with in our projects. We have interpreted the digital world in the Stone Designs way. With the film Tron as inspiration, where the motorbikes traced light lines over the table as if they were tails, we have taken the lines and transformed them into a constructive and luminescent element. Combined with a delicate pallet, those lines become the basis on which the project is structured.

A constellation of prismatic lamps with different fonts of light and colors fills up the space and provides it with movement and depth, so that it breaks the ceiling’s rhythm. These gives place to a symphony of lights and colors, emphasized by the light of all of the volumes.

In the same way, the furniture designed for the project is built on the edges of their prismatic shapes and when they get empty, the effect is an extreme visual lightness. The spaces have been treated in a mode that they look warm and comfortable, but functional at the same time. This way, the exterior meeting rooms are provided with pieces of furniture that, without divisor elements, offers the privacy that is need for casual meetings or to enjoy a coffee with the colleagues. In the end the space reminds of a small villa where everyone feels at home and where the quality of its materials, textures and colors try to inspire every morning when everyone opens the office door.

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