Dotart Art Gallery by David Guerra, Belo Horizonte – Brazil

January 5th, 2015 by retail design blog

The project intentions for this art gallery were to valorize the masterpieces, increase the exposition space, transform the 2nd floor older deposits in areas for exposition and create an adequate storage for pictures and frames. Then, new dry-walls are placed to fill gaps and doorways and, on the parts the dry-walls are faced to doorways closed by glass, the wall received the German sticker Avery. Also, blocks in white lacquer in various size and heights were placed to receive small sculptures, allowing always new compositions e valorizing the set of sculptures in various sizes.

Moreover, it was up to the office the trusteeship for masterpieces, artworks and sculptures composition. The lightning project, which covers all the spaces, starts with Barrisol surfaces and great Kiron lights. Fluorescente lights with high performance, protected with a Barrisol mesh, plus AR70 and dichroic spots, create the perfect light which puts the masterpiece as a great desire element.

Designed by David Guerra
Team: Architect David Guerra, Gabriel de Souza, Jefferson Gurgel and Nínive Resende
Photographer: Jomar Bragança

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