Bistro NODE by PRISM DESIGN, Saitama – Japan

February 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

This Project is Omiya of Saitama city. Omiya is the town where Japanese history is left much Hikawa-jinja and Bonsai-cho. And the modern business is also popular around the train terminal. The Eastern District has always been one of the busiest and most popular areas in Omiya,Saitama; it is full of subcultures with clusters of old apartment buildings, cafes, restaurants, all mixed-in with people. “South Ginza Street” has traditionally been an area full of open-front shops but nowadays people are requiring more privacy and exclusivity. Bistro_NODE is a hidden gem that looks to set the standard in such modern trends.

Design concept is “NODE”.
NODE is node the people together.
NODE is the old and new connect.
Food and hospitality is to link them.

Bistro NODE is located on the first floor of a 40 year-old building building. To mix a bit of old with new, the PRISM has kept the original cement walls and Antique Wooden pillar and doors and opened up the space to bring in the sunlight from the alley. The PRISM has mixed old and new by matching various materials, colors, and patterns to make the seating area warm and inviting. Using material of the basic material. It to get into the hands even in home improvement Market.

For representing the NODE, many pendant light line has cross. Many Set the blackboard POP. Because for Bistro NODE and customers of communication Tool. Bistro NODE is hoping to make their customers feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed when they are in the Bistro. It handmade natural,warmth of the people…

With the evolution of times there are always new subcultures entering the old Eastern District. Mixing old and new has brought more diversity to Omiya. At Bistro Node we see that the PRISM has catered to societal trends by mixing old and new in the design while keeping true to originality.

Design: PRISM DESIGN / Tomohiro Katsuki / Masanori Kobayashi / Reiji Kobayashi

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  1. I love seeing simple pendants like this. It adds so much to the feel of the room…especially with those bulbs!

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