Omotesando Building Furnishing by Nendo, Tokyo – Japan

March 10th, 2015 by retail design blog

Japanese designer Nendo has unveiled new furnishings for the sixth-floor hall of the Tod’s Omotesando building in Toyko. Completed by renowned architect Toyo Ito in 2004, the open and airy space is surrounded by large windows, with the structure’s distinctive crisscrossed façade visible throughout the volume. Nendo’s modular structures are positioned throughout the hall, serving as elegant display units for items of footwear. ‘We designed frame-like furnishings reminiscent of the buildings visible outside, jostling together in various shapes and sizes’, explains Nendo. ‘We used mirrors to reflect the exterior light and landscape, allowing us to bring the outside world into the hall even more vividly.’

The hall is used for a variety of functions including press conferences and special events, so the furnishings can be arranged freely for different purposes, then stored away compactly when not in use. In addition, the transparent acrylic ceiling panels can easily be substituted, enabling the flexible redesign of the space to suit the content and themes of future exhibitions.

Photography: Daici Ano

via designboom

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