Magnetika shelves and accessories by Ronda Design

March 23rd, 2015 by retail design blog

Magnetic solutions to adorn the home
Magnetika is the new way of furnishing everyday living environments with the utmost freedom and creativity. The Magnetika system consists of a wall panelling system which can be fitted with shelves and accessories that are secured in place through sheer magnetic force and which can be moved to suit individual tastes and requirements at any time, to give rise to endless compositions. With Magnetika there are no rules or restrictions to experimentation; it is about thinking on the go, the consecration of the spur of the moment, of the power to change one’s home according to the flow of one’s ideas.

Designing one’s domestic space according to one’s tastes with the ability to renovate it at any time
The result of intuitive thinking by Piergiacomo Appoloni (company CEO), the Magnetika system can be used in any setting, whether classic or modern, and in both home and contract environments, thanks to a series of accessories dedicated to the living room, the entrance hall, the kitchen, bathroom, office and the bedroom. The units can be positioned easily and moved around quickly any time you feel like it, to create ever-new looks and functional compositions.

Accessories for all tastes and countless standard finishes for maximum customisation
Magnetika is based on a wall panelling system, made of metal pre-coated in plastic or natural iron, which is wall-hung without visible screws or with matching hardware. Depending on the use, there are various specific accessories available in the extensive Ronda Design catalogue: shelves in an array of shapes, from classic, to cube, to rectangular, triangular, trapezium or Y, mirrors, coat racks, flower holders, tablet holders, hooks, roll dispensers and kitchen utensil organisers, etc. The Magnetika line is also completed by a series of deep drawers and wall units distinguished by original d├ęcors on wood, steel or metal. The components of the Magnetika system are available in various materials (steel, wood, metal, polyurethane, etc.) and colours, and they are manufactured using several techniques for guaranteed top quality standards.

Magnetic force is permanent and its deterioration over time is completely negligible. The accessories do not slip down the wall panelling system thanks to a patented system. The maximum capacity of every Ronda Design accessory is stated in the dedicated product documentation. The dispersion of magnetic waves is minimal because a screening system diverting them towards the wall has been envisaged. For this reason, magnetic and electronic devices can be stored trouble-free.

Materials: steel, pre-coated sheet metal, natural iron, MDF, melamine laminate, wood, structural polyurethane, chipboard.
Finishes and colours: Metal support: no-fingerprint steel, pre-coated sheet metal with finish in white, sand, ice, traffic grey and slate grey. Shelves: white, sand, stone grey, London grey, charcoal, stainless steel, orange (only mirrors and coat rack). Other finishes and colours available upon request.

Design: Ronda Design / Diego Collareda / Marco Fumagalli / Adriani & Rossi / Ferruccio Tasinato

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  1. Anand Arora says:

    i loved that all the accessories it is seeming that it is designed by the expert and good minded person whose brain is very sharp keep it up and thanks for sharing your this post and your experience also.

  2. Love the floating shelves!!! What a great idea to add detail and continued layers using the repeated finishes.

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