FMC Technologies office by Kelvin & Frank Reid, Singapore

April 18th, 2015 by retail design blog

FMC Technologies is a global leader for the energy industry providing oil service equipment. After a competitive pitching process, Kelvin & Frank Reid has been appointed to design and build their new office of 48,000 sqft located at Creative Building. To optimise the space and facilitate communication, we have designed an open-plan layout with transparent meeting rooms and numerous collaborative areas. Our objective was to create an environment based on transparency, so people can see and be seen and build trust.

Touchdown points have also been implemented for informal meetings; and temporary workspaces for visiting staff. To reduce the overall noise as well as the openness effect, we purposely segregate the space into a series of neighbourhoods and positioned the meeting rooms strategically to cluster the different departments accordingly. The keywords to describe the design of FMC technologies new office would be open, collaborative and flexible.

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