Aesop Store by Philipp Mainzer, Frankfurt – Germany

July 13th, 2015 by retail design blog

In Frankfurt, a stimulating and authentic environment exploring the region’s cultural heritage has been realized for Germany’s fifth Aesop store. Designed by Philipp Mainzer’s office for architecture and design, the scheme incorporates the calming green tones associated with the local landscape, and is infused with well crafted natural materials such as solid walnut, raw brass, and matt finished grey floor tiles.

The architecture focuses on Aesop’s product range, with back-lit shelves set against pale green-grey walls. the natural backdrop supports the focus of the store, a monolithic solid walnut structure that integrates a multi-purpose raw brass sink. Consequently, this feature becomes the core element within the space. Distinctly arranged matt grey floor tiles refer to the sand grey, salt-glazed stoneware ceramic typical for the Frankfurt region.

Philipp Mainzer, who is also the creative and managing director of e15, specified key pieces from the German furniture brand. These include: the cypress green mohair lounge chair ‘Weissenhof’, the solid walnut and natural leather stool ‘Aswan’ and chair ‘Karnak’ (circa 1925-26), all by Ferdinand Kramer. An original George Nelson half lamp in brass (circa 1950) is also featured.

Design: Philipp Mainzer / Farah Ebrahimi / Rocco Spena / Elena Bühler
All images courtesy of Aesop / Philipp Mainzer

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