Chando Window Display by Design Overlay, Nanjing – China

July 15th, 2015 by retail design blog

She awakes in her spacious, urban, contemporary loft with the morning sun. The vibrant city awaits her and with joy she makes herself ready for her exciting day. We follow her from those first moments of awakening through her lively morning routine that culminates with Chando’s Brightening Essence.

As part of 2015 Brightening Cream Campaign, Chando asked Design Overlay to create an innovative and eye-catching window display. The Window is located in Nanjing (Xinbai Shopping Mall) and is of un-usual large proportion. The whole space is more than 100㎡. The ambitious idea was to re-create an entire apartment and apply it vertically in the window. This allows everyone to enter into the intimate world of the Chando woman’s morning routine. 5 HD extra-large LED screens act as windows into her life and show a woman’s silhouette waking & elegantly moving through her apartment. An especially created soft and cosy soundtrack can be heard outside the window onto the street to further immerses the viewer into her bright universe.

The result is a visually strong display that catches people’s attention. It invites you to stay a while and understand the whole story, which starts slowly, then intensifies at the end with Chando’s latest campaign. It all came from one idea. The idea that Chando can brighten up anyone’s day!

Design: Design Overlay

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