Coach – Amazing Spools – Summer 2015 windows by Booma Import Export, London – UK

October 2nd, 2015 by retail design blog

Booma Group offers retail solutions for multiple divisions of the World’s most influential brands and retailers. With its HQ in Guangzhou, China, via Booma Import Export, Booma Group can control and manage the manufacturing processes. Coach approached Booma to take care of their next window. This window was quite a challenge due to the fact that 20 000 spools had to be perfectly executed within 25 days. Booma took care of engineering, production and logistics. Each spools are covered manually by gold rope, each spool slot to each other and are covered by gold plating. This is one of the 200 selected windows executed, it’s in Regent Street, London.

Design: Booma Import Export
All photos courtesy of Booma Group

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